Monday, January 20, 2014

Lovely daughter!

How are you doing today? Today I'm up with two layouts with my wonderful daughter! On both layouts I've been using PL-cards for my layering and I really love them. I have such a varied collection and I always seem to find a bunch that I want to use.
This layout comes with a dialogue which I have written on the yellow card on the bottom left.
Mom (a bit irritated): Aaah! It's like talking to a wall!!
Daughter (looking totally unaware): Eh? A wall? 
Mom: Yeah. You never answer when I talk to you!
Daughter: Oh, I see.
Mom: Can you pleeease get dressed now?
Daughter: Mom? Are you talking to the wall now?
See you all tomorrow!


  1. These are so pretty! Wonderful job with the layering. :)

  2. Both layouts are so sweet, love mixtures of papers and PL cards you chose for each!

  3. Sweet layouts ! Great colors and layering !

  4. Love the two layouts very much.