Monday, April 14, 2014

Longing for more scrapping!

Good morning!
Finally I'm a bit more up to date with my layout share in the blog! Here I've started using my new stuff!! Fun fun fun! I'm also using up some ancient stuff and that is fun too! Making room for more goodies!
This first layout has two selfies of me! What a silly thing to do!! It is sooo 2014!! I'm not the flower patterned type normally but I think this was a perfect time for some girly girl roses and many shades of pink. I love the stamp and the cork and the cameras! So many nice tools and supplies!
Here is a real oldie, both in style and supplies, but I felt I needed to make it! Hubby and I love strategy games, computer games, card games and all kinds of games really and naturally it has rubbed off onto the kids.  
I made a background of PL-cards and it turned into a pink/yellow stack of boxes.
I still have plenty of layouts to show you, I made a whole bunch during my sick leave and during the weekend! I'll be back with more tomorrow!
On Friday I got the beads I ordered from Perler and I tried melting them in the oven and it worked PERFECTLY! So now I've ordered a pail with a multi colored mix of the same kind of beads and I will make "plastic dots" to last me a life time! The brand I used before, Hama, was a lot different from the Perler ones. Hama beads are softer, a bit more like rubber than hard plastic. When I see the difference in starting material I totally understand the difference in result! This is so much fun and I'm so happy I ordered the Perler beads! 
Have a nice day!

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  1. Such pretty pages, great colors for the first and last, and the second one is so cute with the game pieces and how you used the cards like a handful of playing cards! :)