Friday, April 25, 2014

Coughing Friday

Good morning!
Yeah, I'm still at home. I'm not getting better, almost the opposite, in fact. Hubby is picking up the antibiotics for me today, I need to try it during the weekend and hopefully I'll be abe to go back to work on Monday - but I honestly doubt it.

Today I'm sharing four layouts! I made the first one during Easter and the other three yesterday! So fresh from the scrap table!

This is a really simple layout for my Book of Me. I used some of those beautiful cards from Teresa Collins and added a lined paper for some journaling about the huge differences that was made in my life during 2013. The photos are from New Years Eve, me working in the kitchen before our guests arrived. So what happened in 2013, you wonder? Basically I got a new job and new medication. Believe me, those two things can totally give you a whole NEW and BETTER life.

Yesterday I watched You Tube videos the entire day while scrapbooking and I saw  Ashley Laura's video where she used some strips of paper going down one side of her layout and I decided I needed to do something with my collection of cut of branding strips - the kind that has decorative borders on the other side. You know, you cut them off and save them but it is hard to actually remember them when it comes to using them. I went crazy with strips and made a whole background. Then I went on a photo hunt and found this family photo where we all are peering towards the bright sun. I think the top cluster saved this whole layout but it was fun to use up all those border strips so I have decided to be pleased with it.

Then we go multi photo. It is really my style, mainly because I want to ad many photos to my album eventhough the event itself isn't worth more than one or two layouts. Perhaps it is a sign that my photos can't tell the whole story on their own? Anyway, I've decided that this is my style so I stick with it when I think it is necessary.

These photos are from a surprise visit we did to the Tropicarium in Kolmården last summer.

This is a fun one. The title/journaling says: "Wait! Please don't play mum's Lego to pieces before I've taken a picture!" and that pretty much explains the whole thing. We play alot with Lego here and when I sit with the kids I often end up designing an every day scene, trying to find all the right details to give the right feeling and then I populate the scene with figures to make it "real". After I photograph it I give it to the kids to play with :) So here you see the food court, the dentist, the bank, the beauty salon and a couple sitting in the food court on a date.

I have a plan for today's scrapbooking. The photos in my photo box are getting very boring and I need to find my inspiration elsewhere and challenge myself to make some more pages before it is time to order new photos and/or dive into my stash of older photos. I'll be back with those thoughts in a while. 

Have a nice day!

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  1. Fantastic layouts! I used that exact same pp from Studio Calico you used for your 3rd layout recently on a zoo layout I made. Fun paper! Love your lego page and the way you used the enamel dots, great idea!!