Thursday, April 24, 2014

At home again

Hello again!
I'm at home on a week day again. I had to leave work after lunch yesterday because I was coughing so hard I vomited. I went straight to the health care center to see a doctor and she gave me a prescription for allergy medicine because she thought it might be allergy. If this doesn't work in the next five days I'll get antibiotics incase I actually have pneumonia. I feel like an experiment in chemistry class and I just want to get well and be able to work and earn my money!

I'm sharing a couple of layouts from my Easter scrappin' and first is a page with my son and his auntie. I love the photo and that camera paper is just lovely so I thought they fit perfect together. I was left with some uncomfortable white space between my paper and the clusters so I added some old tissue tape from Tim Holtz and it worked well, tape can be such a layout saver!

Next is a layout with my daughter. The photo is from her birthday but since it isn't themed in any way, you just see her from the side, I took the chance to tell the story of how talented she is in language. Neither hubby nor I are very talented in language, I needed to practice quite hard  and for very long to get where I am today in English and some days I feel I'm just a beginner. My daughter on the other had loves language and she has an incredible memory not to mention the feel she has for sound. She picks up pronounciations and entire dialects in seconds and she can drive us crazy talking for a whole evening like someone she's heard on TV. 

I liked the paper with the alphabet a lot and made it the centre of the page next to the photo. I went monochromatic on this page, it is a safe one for me and I don't mind falling back to it from time to time.

Hubby smiles at me when I talk about the bridge. I guess he thinks I'm nuts. But I just love bridges! And they have just finished building such a beautiful bridge here in Sundsvall where we live. It won't be ready to travel on for yet some time but now you can see what it will look like and I'm so impressed! It is so delicate and sooo beautiful! 

The bridge reaches over the bay from the south side of town to the north side of town and we live just by the south side. It will be the preferred road passing the town, it is built to direct traffic away from the central town hopefully improving air quality a lot.  

The work name if the bridge has been "Dubbelkrum" which means something like "Double crooked" and I will call it that for ever because no name can be better than that, describing just what it looks like as it is twisting so beautifully over the water! Yeah, you understand why hubby is smiling - I am a tiny bit crazy about that bridge.

The area is still an ugly construction site with lots of machines and cranes but I needed to document it and get it in our album.

Now I've watched all Nicole Jones' new You Tube videos so now I'm ready for some scrapbooking on my own. Hopefully I'll be back with new layouts tomorrow!



  1. Thanks for sharing your layouts, they are great! I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  2. Love all of these but I think the first one is my favourite :) I hope you feel better soon

  3. Awesome layouts, hope you feel better soon :)