Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My own papers

 Hello again!
A while back it was my birthday and my family gave me a wonderful gift that I've been looking forward to a lot! I got ten ink pads from Stampin' Up!! Aaaaah!!! Happy!! It is so true what they say about those ink pads, they are so much better than anything elese I've ever tried! I love them so much! I got all the colors that I had on my wishlist and I sure made a good selection, if I may say so!
Ofcourse I need more colors in the future, I need a light pink and maybe a purple, perhaps a softer orange and... yeah, you get the picture. It is the start of an addiction!
To celebrate and try out my new ink pads I tok out some nice stamps and stamped a couple of background papers. What do you think?
I have already used these for layouts so come back soon and see the result in the blog!

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