Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More cats!

Today I'm sharing three layouts that I made during Easter. They are all multi photo layouts and they don't have as much layering as I like to use when I have only one of two photos.
First is my son and mum's cat, Nisse. Nisse has left us now for cat heaven and this was the last time we got to see him.
Here are 2014 photos, I think they are from end of March. We had lunch out doors and the kids got their favorite food, noodle soup.
Last is a layout with our own Kosmos. When we first got him we tried having him wear a collar and a leash. Yeah, that was OK for a couple of minutes, when he tip toed around the lawn, a bit unsure of what to expect of this new place. Then when he felt the breeze of freedom he simply slipped out of the collar, easy as pie, and run off. Luckily he was easy to catch, way too cuddly to be able to resist his human mom sitting on the lawn waiting for him :) This layout is about that time. Nowadays he is allowed out whenever he wants to and he returns home in time for putting the kids to bed - every night!
I have more layouts for you tomorrow, so lease come back then!


  1. Wonderful pages, loved the photos and the last layout with the giant title is great!