Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fluid chalk

Yeah, I couldn't stay away from the blog for long, I guess I feel a bit lonely. I'm working on a new page using the BG Hipster collection and I realized I haven't mentioned the result of my fluid chalk upgrade I did a couple of weeks ago. 

I have been rather disappointed with the fluid chalk tools that I have had over the years. With the Color Box eye chalks I have had so many where the foam part just fell off and the Prima ones crumble after a couple of weeks use and you get foam crumbs with chalk all over the project. So I bought a felt applicator tool and a bottle of Color Box refill chalk.

I was a bit afraid the chalk would go dry and that I would have to refill it all the time since I haven't found an appropriate storage for the tool but it turned out this isn't a problem at all. The felt applicator actually distributs the chalk perfectly in a dry kind of state and I love it!


So now I'm chalking my cut outs while watching Shimelle Laine on You Tube and trying to work up some scrap mojo with my nose running and my eyes dry like a desert. See ya!

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