Saturday, May 11, 2013

Polymer clay [hearts] scrapbooking!

Hi there!
On Thursday when I was waiting for that gold acrylic paint to dry I rolled again on my 100-challenge. This time I rolled #50 Text stamps. I had been talking about polymer clay with my hubby and also seen a haul video online of a lady who had made a wonderful deal on Sculpey, so in my head I already had an idea of using polymer clay in my scrapbooking, something that I did long ago.

I took out my magnetic stamps from MM and started kneading my white clay. It was so hard, I was so tired in my hands when it finally started to become soft! I used my hands to make the clay into a thin sheet, I guess you can use a rolling pin if you want it a bit more perfect. Then I stamped words in the clay and cut them out with a knife.

When I had set the clay in the oven I adventured into my hubby's cabinet and borrowed his Liquitex inks and made myself some vibrant ink sprays with ink and water in some Ranger mini misters and sprayed on a couple of my new word embelishments.

My original idea was to wipe off the ink that had pooled on the small plates and keep the ink that was stuck in the stamped words but when I saw the water color effect of the ink on the clay I decided to let it dry like that and see what happened - and I LOVE it!! I can't wait to use these on a layout!

But then today when I got some scrapbooking time those words that i had inked didn't fit with the photos I wanted to use so I ended up inking a new set in the same way.

This is a layout with my son dressed up for Easter costume day at day care. It's the traditional Easter Witch outfit with a head scarf and freckles since his sister had that and he wanted to be the same, ofcourse.The title says "Happy Easter".

In my embelishment clusters I also used enamel dots, washi tape and wood veneer birds. I colored the birds with the same ink spray which I used for the polymer clay words. I finished my work by drizzle some of my home made "acrylic paint splash" over the layout.

What do you think?
Now I must scrap some more! See ya!
// Åsa

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