Thursday, May 16, 2013

The art of grounding...

Hi again!
This is my last layot from last night and I was pretty much done with my old paper pile so I went into my paper folders in search of a paper to use with these rather old photos of my mother and my sleeping daughter. When I went to bed this is what I had accomplished:

It is the first time in a very long time that I'm using a pre-decorated paper like that, an A-side with lots of things going on along the edges. It felt very strange. I will not buy these kinds of papers in the future. This is a pretty paper from Kaiser Kraft. I added a flair, some enamel dots and a couple of mullberry butterflies. The journaling cards was hard to put on that patterned paper but I felt I had to.

Already when I took the photo I felt something wasn't OK with the layout and I didn't like it. I liked the papers and the photo but the layout looked like a beginner's work and I don't want to feel like a beginner after all these years. "Simple style" is OK, but not "beginnner style"!

While trying to fall asleep I thought about what I could do and I decided it was my clusters that were floating around in empty space and it was disturbing the whole layout. While I drifted away into sleep I decided I would pick up my clusters and ad them onto paper for some grounding.

This morning my son was an early bird. He called for me at 4 am and I lifted him over to our bed and he was calm for almost an hour, but didn't sleep. At 5 am I guess he was tired of just lying there so he started screaming like some kind of alarm so I went up with him. That gave me "some extra morning time" and when I had but my son in the sofa with his morning bottle of gruel I ripped away those dots and butterflies from the layout and added some ledger print paper and put everything back together. When I left for work it looked like this:

I'm much more pleased now. This will look fine in my album! Perhaps I can ad some splashes of paint, I'll think about it during the day. What do you think about my morning scrapbooking changes? The morning photo is alot better than the one I took last night, but that's a matter of day light :)

I'll be back with yet another post soon. Hugs!


  1. I love the changes you made, it helps capture the whole feel of the layout. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I also have a difficult time with premade backgrounds, as much as I like them in the store. I like the changes you made. I think our eyes are now used to a lot of layers, and when we go simple it can be tough to make it feel like something isn't missing. A worthy challenge, though!