Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rays of Sunday scrapping!

Hi there!
I hadn't the time or energy to upload this yesterday so today I'll be an early bird! Actually I was so tired yesterday I fell asleep on the sofa when I was keeping my daughter company while she played Wii. Then I fell asleep while waiting for her to fall asleep in her bed and then I downed two cups of cold coffee and went straight to bed, fell asleep before I even started bothering about the odds of falling to sleep after drinking coffee. So I guess I have slept 10 hours and I feel perfect!

Sunday evening I just didn't want to go to bed! I am in such a good scrapbooking spirit at the moment, perhaps that is why I felt soooo tired yesterday :) Anyway, I remember seeing a video from Two Peas of a lady making such a wonderful layout with rays over the whole page. I thought that would be a perfect use for my last scraps in my "pile" before I start on my new pile.

I took one of those white 12''x12''-papers that I get when I buy page protectors (I have so many, sometimes I use them instead of cardstock) and I decided on a point on the paper and then I drew lines from the edge of the paper (3'' apart) to that point. Then I numbered the different segments and cut them apart. I traced the different segments with odd numbers on patterned paper and glued them onto a patterned paper that I had sprayed with ink. I brown lined the edges of my rays and added my photo, journaling and title. This is a layout for my Book of Me.

With the same template I made this next layout of me and my son. I'm really pleased with this one!! It was a bit more complicated with that striped paper but since I always had an outer edge to hold on to I managed to get it straight. First I made rays all over but it was too busy so I added that orange paper instead. I'm especially pleased with the clusters here and the new Thickers matched the whole color scheme.

My goal is to get some more scrapbooking done this evening, I really want to dig into my "new pile", I think I will take a photo of it before I start so that you can see what I'll be working with. We'll see how long it will be until I want to start scrappin' with those papers I got the other day, I still need to touch and pat them some more :)

Have a nice day!
// Åsa


  1. You did a beautiful job with the ray design. It draws you right in to your photos!

  2. Love the effect of the ray design! GREAT pages!

  3. Very cool effect with the rays on both pages!

  4. Great sunburst on your layouts :)

  5. Åsa - thank you so much for sharing your blog address with me! I absolutely love seeing your layouts & family photographs and reading your words. I will definitely be back often :) // Stephanie E