Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just one!

Good morning!
It's really strange how one can feel inproductive when "just" finishing one layout in an evening but I needed to do some other things for my future scrapbooking so I didn't have the time eventhough I pushed my bed time yet another evening...

This photo is from 2010. It's been waiting for a long time and I guess it's because it is a single. Earlier I filled my pages with photos becuase I felt intimidated by empty space and then a single photo is a major problem evnethough it is a sweet one. I got some pretty embellishments from a pen friend of mine and I thought they looked perfect for this layout with a nature/outdoors theme.

I really like these background papers I've been using the last couple of days. No big fuss going on but still alot more than a plain cardstock. When I got those Smash sticky-note banners I thought I'd never use them in my scrapbooking but I have used them alot and I really love them! Unfortunately I haven't found any other styles or colors of those so I guess when these are done it's over and I'll cry a bit.

So what did I do last night other than putting pretty photos on pretty papers? I took care of my photos. I emptied my camera and my mobile phone camera, sorted and went through everything since last time I ordered paper copies and decided which to choose this time. I still have to get the photos from my hubby's mobile phone and then I'll be able to complete my order. I also spent alot of time putting photography dates on my recent layouts. It was alot of searching! Lately I have saved the folders with the photos I've gotten photo copies of and that makes it alot easier, but when it comes to older orders I still have to be a detective... I don't put away my layouts in albums until they are dated and photographed. I try to always keep to that rule.

I'm starting to look for embellishments that I want to buy and as always here in Sweden you end up frustrated that you can't buy everything you want at one web shop. We have so many scrapbooking webshops but many are small and if you make small orders at different shops you get the annoying problem with the shipping costs adding up to more than you than you'd like to pay for the things you want... When it comes to scrapbooking I'd rather live in the States. I have to order online because there are no scrapbooking stores where I live.

I hope you will have a nice day, tomorrow it's Friday!


  1. Love the pop of green and the focus on your photo. Great layout!

  2. Such a sweet page! I love the arrows!

  3. Love this! And I too feel productive after just getting one layout done! :)

  4. Lovely layout! Great job getting all your photos organized and your layouts dated!

  5. What a great layout, I love that photo! I would feel productive if I could finish a layout in one setting, but it really takes me a day or two to get a layout completed, I'm so slow!