Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've rolled five dice!

Hello there & Good Day to all of you!
Today I've been challenging myself with the 100-challenge list I posted yesterday. I have realized that I work much better if I have a challenge and that certainly was true today! I have already gotten five layouts done and I still have a couple of hours before the kids come home from day care. I'm home ill with a nasty cold but well enough to scrapbook between my coughing attacks.

I first got #70 Chevron and I immediately thought of that new QK die I bought a couple of weeks ago for my Cuttlebug. It makes photo corners but when I saw it on sale I thought about arrows right away and since it is in fashion at the moment and it is kind of chevron-y I decided to use it for this challenge. It looks like this:

I then went to my paper pile that I put together for myself over a month ago and have been using alot since and I grabbed a couple of pieces that Iliked and then I made a background. It looks totally crazy. But I think the arrows held it together in a pretty good way.

Then I got #53 Fabric, lace or yarn. That was the best excuse to finaly get together a layout that has been lying in my cabinet taking up space. I saved one of my girl's old shirts. It was too small and had permanent stains so noone else would ever want to use it but it had a really cute embroidery which I wanted to use in my scrapbooking. So I saved that shirt and it's been taking up lots of my precious space! Now I armed myself with a pair of scissors and dived into this new project.

I cut the embroidery out and also cut a big piece of the back of the shirt, which was not stained, and then went down to the basement where I have my sewing machine. I use that machine way too seldom in my scrapbooking so I though I would sure use it now when I am home alone. I sewed the fabric onto a black cardstock. It became a bit whobbly but I liked that. I glued the embroidery on top of it all and added a photo of my daughter holding the same cartoon character in her arms.

My third challenge was #17 I'm blessed. I went through my stash of photos looking for something extra precious and I found three photos of my loved ones playing around after our photo shoot for the Christmas cards. I ventured into my bags of Christmas papers and decorations and found some old journaling cards and a fairly new background paper with stars. I used an old shiny Thickers font and could spell out kiss & hug with only a minor creative spelling :). 

Then I got #30. Scraplift a layout from the Studio Calico gallery. At first I wasn't very impressed by this challenge but after a few pages browsed I found a really stunning layout by Mariaje98 that I felt really inspired by. Here it is! I went again to my box of photos looking for a single photo that I wanted to use and came up with a photo taken with the mobile phone camera of the kids watching TV. The layout turned out like this:

Last I got #85 Stickers. I don't use alot of stickers and I don't buy alot of them, but a couple of years ago I was crazy about word stickers and it was so hard to find them over here so when I saw them I bought them and I even placed a huge text sticker order at Two Peas and I have got lots of them left. So I dived into my stickers storage and found some really old ones from Scenic Route and then I just needed to find photos to go with that.

 I decided on two photos of the whole family taken on March 30 when we still had so much snow we could actually dig a hole and make ourself a sofa in the garden. I decided to write some journaling about when I first moved to the north and didn't understand what people here meant when they said "spring" because springtime where I grow up is something completely different. So I wrote about myself finally understanding that spring can actually be when you get wet from sitting in the snow compared to just freezing your butt off like you do when it is winter :).

When I had got everything down on the page it looked like a beginner's page so much I almost took it apart and gave up but I really liked my journaling and the idea so I decided to put some more thought into the process and ended up drawing lines with my journaling pen and a ruler along the edges of the paper and then I added a strip of my favorite washi at the bottom. It helped. I'm pleased.

Yeah. And now it is time for a lunch break!

See you again around coffee time!
// Åsa  



  1. Wow, such great layouts, and love all of that washi! And I have that QK die somewhere. Haven't used it in a long time. Need to pull it out! Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings,

  2. Oh, Thank you so much! It's an honor ;)